Diving in Kusadasi, Turkey: Underwater Secrets of The Aegean

by Bex
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Ever wondered what mysteries lie under the wild expanse ocean you see anytime you lay on a beach somewhere? The best way to experience this magical underwater world is to go scuba diving. With its shimmering blue oceans and temperate climate, Turkey’s Aegean coastline is the perfect spot to dip your toe in, literally. Diving in Kusadasi is an adventure waiting to happen.

Is diving in Kusadasi ok for beginners?

As a diving beginner, it’s important to go somewhere where the conditions are not too challenging. Diving in Kusadasi is a great place to try out this underwater activity. I had never been diving before visiting Kusadasi and have to say my experience here has left me wanting more.

Wet suits

Where to go diving in Kusadasi?

There are loads of diving schools in Kusadasi, all offering different packages and experiences. They’ll be something to suit your needs, whether you’re after a 5-hour crash course, or a 2-hour taster experience.

I went diving with the Kusadasi Diving Centre for my underwater journey. They offer transfer from Izmir airport, free transfer from local hotels, or you can meet them at Kusadasi harbour.

They cater to all levels, but as a beginner, I liked that they were friendly and knowledgeable in teaching us novices the skills need to successfully dive, and not forget to breathe underwater because it feels weird.

The dive site was a short but calming boat ride from the harbour into the Agean. If you get seasick or motion sick at all, please don’t be like me and remember to bring travel sickness medication.

I loved the boat ride, but it took every bit of resolve I had to not vomit on the boat ride and immediately ruin the experience for everyone aboard. “just breath, just breath” the mantra repeatedly playing in my head.

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How much does it cost to go diving in Kusadasi?

The average cost for a beginner’s diving experience in Kusadasi is £30. This includes everything from equipment hire, boat transfer, instructions and hotel pick up.

There are extras you can purchase onboard, such as photos and a DVD of your dive.

What will you discover during your dive in Kusadasi, Turkey?

Chances are as a beginner you’ll go to a reef, the perfect chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat. expect to see some vibrant tropical fish swimming past your goggles and the beautiful natural reef.

After your dive, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and sunbathe on the boat, or go snorkelling. This will give you a chance to see even more marine life, and enjoy the warm clear waters for as long as possible.

Best time of year to go diving in Kusadasi?

Diving in Kusadasi is a year-round activity. However, if you prefer warmer waters, May to October will be the best time of year to visit. You can expect balmy highs of 25C in September.

You’re a beginner, now what?

So you’ve been on your first dive, and are dying to complete more underwater adventures. The good news is there are some pretty spectacular dives off of Kusadasi ready and waiting for you.

If you want to get specially certified as a diver, the Kusadasi Diving Centre run a variety of specialist courses. This cover anything from normal scuba diving, to diving with sharks or cave diving.

One of the most spectacular offerings from Kusadasi Diving Centre is the chance to explore a submerged Airbus A300 plane, at around 17 meters depth. You can swim through the interior and into the cockpit, a truly cool diving experience.

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