Glamping In Wiltshire: 2-Day Itinerary in the UK

by Bex
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If you’re looking for somewhere to go glamping in the UK look no further than Glamping in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire is an English county bursting with history. Tales of medieval conquest and druid ceremonies resonate across the county. However, these tales have subsequently become overshadowed by the infamous prehistoric Stonehenge.

This ancient monument has become a popular day trip from London due to its easy transport connections to Salisbury.

But what about the rest of Wiltshire? As well as the stones, there are plenty more things to see and do and different ways to experience one of England’s most historic counties.

Glamping in Wiltshire is a way to experience the best of the outdoors with some extra comforts of home that a standard tent just doesn’t afford.

I teamed up with Visit Wiltshire for two days away to discover the joys of glamping in Wiltshire and create an itinerary to help you maximise your visit to this county.

Where to stay – Glamping in Wiltshire

Stonehenge Campsite And Glamping Pods

There are some great Glamping sites in Wiltshire, but the Stonehenge Campsite And Glamping Pods has to be one of the best.

With direct bus routes to Salisbury and Devizes, it’s easy to get around. The site has award-winning facilities and a range of camping options. If you want a truly unique experience there is a range of Glamping pods available, each with its special touches.

glamping pod at stonehenge campsite

I stayed in the Butterfly Pod, a little wooden hut with a warming electric fireplace, double bed and tea-making facilities. There was a private garden and picnic bench, perfect to enjoy the outdoors with a little privacy.

To find out more information about glamping in Wiltshire, pricing and the different types of glamping pods available, visit the Stonehenge Campsite Website

Uncover the essence of outdoor luxury with our 2-day glamping itinerary in Wiltshire, UK. Traverse picturesque landscapes, from rolling countryside to historic marvels like Stonehenge. Indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences and unwind under starlit skies. Whether you crave adventure or relaxation, our Wiltshire glamping guide ensures an unforgettable escape.

Things to do in Wiltshire: Day One Itinerary

Walking Tour Of Salisbury Plain, A Guided Tour Through History

For day one of your Glamping in Wiltshire itinerary, you’ll start your adventure with a walk! I always say the best way to get to know somewhere is to walk it. To take this one step further, a personalised guided tour is like turning a place into a potential mastermind subject and getting to experience it in a way not everybody does.

Chris from Guided Walks In Wiltshire took us on a guided tour around Salisbury Plain. He pointed out interesting historical information and stories as we walked. The tour took a varied route from the gate of our campsite through winding villages and up into woodland and out to the vast windy openness of the Plain.

The countryside in this area is known for its historical sites of importance. These include the Neolithic Stonehenge and surrounding monuments like Woodhenge.

Walking Tour Of Salisbury Plain

However, the area also has a fascinating background with the British armed forces. Salisbury Plain area is still highly used today for military training, when you’re walking you encounter some obvious signs of this, including tank crossings.

To find out more about Guided Walks In Wiltshire and how to book a guided walk, visit their website here 

glamping in wiltshire things to do

Visiting Stonehenge

Even when you’re travelling consciously trying to avoid the big tourist traps in favour of experiencing somewhere like a local, there are always circumstances where it’s worth making an exception.

Things to do in wiltshire

When in Wiltshire it is worth paying a visit to Stonehenge.

Though this ancient monument lay shrouded in mystery its modernisation was front-page news. English Heritage spent a whooping £27 Million renovating the site’s visitors centre.

When you are Glamping in Wiltshire, a trip to Stonehenge is almost a necessity.

Visiting stonehenge in wiltshire

Learn more about Stonehenge on the English Heritage website

Where to eat near Stonehenge

The Swan Inn at Stowford:

Once you’re done soaking up the historical landscapes and culture, you’ll probably have worked up quite an appetite. Food and culture are ingrained into one another so the best way to know somewhere is to eat what the locals eat.

In England, this could be as simple as going to your local country pub. There are many small picturesque villages a short distance from the stones, meaning plenty of options for food lovers. I visited The Swan Inn at Stowford for a taste of the comfort food we British LOVE!

There was plenty on the menu to choose from. I ordered the lamb shank with mint gravy, seasonal veg and mashed potato, which was cooked to perfection.

Glamping in Wiltshire

The Boot Inn

After dinner, the local pub is also the best place to wind down, and maybe have a drink with some locals. We did a bit of pub hopping and visited another small pub, The Boot Inn.

They happened to be running a quiz that night. It was £2 entry per person, which included a surprisingly decadent halftime snack of homemade pasty and roast potatoes.

The pub had a very close-knit family vibe but was also exceedingly welcoming, which made for a very fun evening.

Things to do in Wiltshire: Day Two Itinerary

Visit Devizes, a Wiltshire Market Town

After spending the first day of your Glamping in Wiltshire trip getting to know the outdoor landscapes, local history and small villages of Wiltshire, Day two meant it was time to discover a more urbanised area.

Devizes is a market town with a rich medieval past and fascinating architectural history. There are over 500 listed buildings in the area. Alongside its regular Thursday market, the town has some great places to visit and explore.

Things to do in Devizes

Take the Wadworth Brewery Tour

This part of our Glamping in Wiltshire itinerary is perfect for all you beer lovers out there!

Located in Devizes since 1875, family-owned Wadwarth is a cornerstone of Devizes identity. Impressively, they have managed to keep up many of their traditions. These are now available for all to see during regular guided tours of the brewery.

Walking around gives you a fascinating insight into the history of Wadworth and its production of typically British ales.

Things to do in Wiltshire

Although some of the production has been modernised and changed with time (like the move away from coal power to greener alternatives) it is nice to see some firmly remain intact. Wadsworth still uses traditional Shire horses to deliver casked ale to local pubs in Devizes.

Glamping in Wiltshire things to do

The three horses, Monty, Max and Archie, regularly attend local events and compete in shows. The brewery also has its own in-house sign painters. Their job is to create traditional and personalised signs for its entire 200-plus partnership pubs.

Prince Charles recently paid a visit to the brewery to honour its work in promoting the importance of community and local pubs across Britain.

To find out more about Wadworth and the tours of the Brewery, visit their website.

Wadworth Brewery Tour

Learn About History On A Local Scale

Unlike national museums that encompass broad subjects of wide international importance, small museums can provide significant context on the important historical events of a specific location, meaning a much more targeted and therefore encompassing approach.

things to do in Wiltshire

The Wiltshire Museum significantly covers the history of the county’s story, including but not limited to Stonehenge. The museum allows you to pursue its range of award-winning displays at leisure, including treasures discovered inside the stone circle by various archaeologists.

If you want to learn about Stonehenge and the region’s wider history in a quiet, relaxed and knowledgeable setting this museum is the place to visit.

For more information about the Wiltshire museum, visit their website 

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glamping in wiltshire

This post covered where to go glamping in Wiltshire and a two-day itinerary for your trip. There are however many other great things to see and discover in this county.

*Disclaimer: Thank you to ‘Visit Wiltshire’ for partnering up with me and guiding me in finding some fantastic things to do across the county. They provided the accommodation and activities free of charge for this visit.

If you would like to learn more about what to do in Wiltshire, the best place to go is the Visit Wiltshire Website

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