60 Microadventure ideas you need to try

by Bex
Microadventures uk

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Are you ready to be inspired to plan your next adventure? This complete list of Microadvenure ideas Microadventures are one of the best ways to break your routine and add more adventure to your life. They are small, simple, and accessible experiences that can be done close to home. Or you can go bigger. The beauty is, it’s up to you!

A microadventure is like a mini vacation for your soul, without having to take a leave from your job or break the bank! It’s like a secret portal to a world of fun and excitement, tucked away in the everyday routine of your life.

Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure, where instead of reading about the protagonist’s journey, YOU are the protagonist. It’s like a tiny rebellion against the boring and mundane, a way to spice up your life and make it a little more interesting!

They’re a great way to explore new places and try new things, without the need for expensive equipment or extensive planning. I urge you to try going on your very own Microadventute, and to get you started I’ve written a mega list of 60 ideas for amazing microadventure Ideas to inspire you to get outside and have some fun!

Simple Microadventrue Ideas

1. Take a walk in a nearby park or nature reserve

2. Go for a bike ride on a nearby bike trail or path

3. Take a picnic in a nearby park or forest

4. Go for a wild swim in a nearby lake or river or in the sea

5. Go stargazing in your backyard or local park

6. Try out some urban exploration in your city or town

7. Go and watch the sunset somewhere beautiful nearby. A hill, beach or local beauty spot.

8. Go for a sunrise walk, the best way to wake up.

9. Have a bonfire and make s’mores

10. Go stargazing

11. Go birdwatching at a nearby wildlife refuge or sanctuary

12. Go rock collecting or fossil hunting

13. Try a new watersport like Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Kayaking.

14. Sleep in your back garden for a night

15. Choose a local landmark and hike or cycle there

16. Pick a random village or town you have never been to and plan a bike ride

17. Change up your commute. Get off early and walk, cycle to work, or plan a 5-9 adventure.

18. Go camping!

19. Get out in nature, learn about wildlife and try to spot some amazing creatures

20. Take a trip to a nearby beach for a day of surfing or windsurfing.

21. Go for a night walk and try bat watching!

22. Go geocaching, a modern-day treasure-hunting game that uses GPS coordinates to find hidden caches

23. Go foraging and collect wild fruits, berries, or mushrooms in a nearby forest or park

24. Find the highest hill near where you live and hike to the top

25. Make a den in some nearby woodland

26. Visit a hillfort

27. Watch a meteor shower

28. Follow a disused railway line and see where it goes

29. Cook and eat outdoors with friends

30. Go on an Arbitrary Journey

Microadventure Ideas for the more adventurous

Here are some ideas for more challenging microadventures that may require more planning, equipment, and physical fitness:

31. Go bivviyng

32. Go on a multi-day backpacking trip in a nearby wilderness area or national park

33. Go rock climbing or mountaineering in a nearby mountain range or cliff

34. Go white water rafting or kayaking

35. Go ice climbing or mountaineering in a nearby icefall or glacier

36. Try cave exploration and spelunking in a nearby cave system

37. Go canyoneering and explore a nearby slot canyon

38. Try scuba diving in a nearby lake or quarry

39. Go on a wilderness and survival and camping retreat and learn how to unleash your inner Bear Grylls.

40. Go canyoneering and explore a slot canyon

41. Walk all the way across a country

42. Follow a roman road

43. Sleep on a hill

44. sleep in the woods

45. Explore a river from sea to source

46. Walk the coast

Like this post? Make sure to read:

47. Sleep on a mountain

48. Go on a boothy adventure

49. Cycle to the sea from your home or workplace

50. Go tubing

51. Try wild camping

52. Get a bus or train to the end of the line, and make your way back home

53. Follow a historic trail

54. Get inspired by a book you love and plan an adventure around it

55. Plan something for the solstice

56. Go bikepacking

57. Take a friend on a microadventure

58. Sign up for a challenge and test yourself

59. complete a long-distance hike or bike ride

60. Pick a random spot on a map and plan your adventure. I recommend checking out the Ordnance Survey Maps if you’re in the UK.

UK Microadventure ideas

I hope this blog post has given you lots of inspiration, and you’re now bursting to the seams with Microadventure ideas you want to try.

I would love to hear how you get on! Let me know in the comments below, or connect with me on social media. You can find me @begintoadventure. Likewise, feel free to tag your post with #begintomicroadventure So I can see all of your amazing photos and read your adventure stories.

If you have any questions or need some guidance, just let me know!

Thanks for reading and have fun on your adventures,


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